Unexpected error occured during export to dropbox


We are experiencing problems to export the data to dropbox at shs.mysurvey.solutions . One of our data managers in Accra is receiving the following message:

“An unexpected error occurred during export. We are sorry for inconvenience. Please contact support team support@mysurvey.solutions

Although he can’t export the data, I am able to. This makes me think that it should be something related to his authentification to dropbox or something about his configuration. Is there any advice you can think of on how to solve this?

Many thanks


Could you make sure you have sufficient space available on your dropbox?

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Andres, are you and your colleague using the same dropbox account? the same folder shared from one of the accounts? or different accounts and different folders?

If exporting to a shared folder, check the permissions given to this user:

Best, Sergiy

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Dear Sergiy,

The issue has been resolved now. We have cleaned the Dropbox of the data manager to create some space and the export is working perfectly

Thank you