UNDP+UNODC+OHCHR: SDG16 Survey Initiative

SDG16 Survey Initiative. Implementation Manual.

Published by the UNDP, UNODC, and OHCHR (2022) is a great resource describing:

  • international version of the SDG16 Survey Questionnaire in Survey Solutions;
  • overview of the data collection tool (Survey Solutions) and its features as applied to the SDG16 survey.

Numerous other resources including the tabulation plan and Stata .do files are provided in the resources packages to the implementers.

A job well done!

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Thanks @sergiy for highlighting this (fantastic) initative!

I had the pleasure to lead the development of all CAP/Survey Solutions and data processing aspects of the SDG 16 Survey Initiative.

@.any interested user: Please do not hesitate to reach out to me in case you would like to know more about the CAPI/data processing aspects of that initative or any resource available.


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