Uncheck the enable condition called "Hide if not enabled"

Hello Survey Solutions team,

I had this happen to me using Survey Solutions Designer.
I had created a questionnaire and then my user told me about a new survey that was going to have some sections the same as the created questionnaire, so I decided to create a copy of the created questionnaire and use it in the new questionnaire for the new survey.

The questionnaire for the new survey was created, but later my user told me about the new changes in the questionnaire, so again I decided to create a copy of the questionnaire.

I was working on this last questionnaire when I noticed that the field called “Hide if not enabled” was checked and I can’t modify it. All components that have this condition field enabled appear checked and will not let me uncheck it.
This happens with the old components (from the copy) and with the new (added) ones that have this condition field enabled.

Are you modifying or adding a new features in the Survey Solutions Designer tool?

Hello @kv700032 , no, this is not a new feature. It has been part of the software since 2016. Check the ‘hide element if disabled’ in the settings dialog of the questionnaire. It overrides individual checkboxes for elements.

Best, Sergiy

Thank you @sergiy.
I didn’t know this function existed. Thank you very much.