Unable to Uploading Surveys to HQ using Public IP Address


I am working on setting up a server for our data collection using a local system. We have been able to deploy it. However, we are running into trouble getting the tablets to sync the questionnaire to the headquarters.
Essentially, we can access the application and upload surveys from only the local network and IP address(, but not using the public IP address(, even though we have forwarded the port number 80 and allowed it through the firewall. We have even tried disabling the firewall, but the issue persists. So, we are relatively confident it is not an issue there. We can access a mock website we setup on the same server using the same procedure on port 81, so I am wondering if there is some idiosyncrasy between the client tablets and the IIS/Headquarters.
Any advice or assistance would be very appreciated.

Thank you,

If a mock website works on port 81, try to remap Survey Solutions to respond on port 81 instead. If it is reachable then it is something else intercepting specifically port 80 in your network.

For this investigation it shouldn’t matter whether you try with the tablets, or with a browser really. Or are you getting different results?

Thanks Sergiy for the response! It took some trial and error but we were able to find a port on the network where Survey Solutions would respond.