Unable to upload txt file with Mac

I am unable to upload a ZIP file with tab-delimited .TXT files exported from Excel for Mac. If Headquarters indeed only accepts .TAB files from Windows computers, I think this would be worth mentioning in the instructional materials.



you wrote “I am unable to upload a ZIP file with tab-delimited .TXT files exported from Excel for Mac.”

What error message are you getting?

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,

Thanks for getting back to me! I’m getting Error PL0004: File cannot be mapped to any roster in the questionnaire.

It looks like a space is being added to the beginning of the file name, so Headquarters does not recognize it correctly.

Example: File: __MACOSX/template_Survey2_v3/._Survey2.txt ( )


Hi Sergiy,

I was able to fix this problem by using Stata to export the tab-delimited file. The problem described above occurred while using Excel.

Thanks again

Dear Peter,

thank you for confirming. We don’t do anything platform-dependent with this respect whether on Mac, or Windows, or anything else. If the zip archive contains any unexpected files, that will provoke error PL0004 as described here:

Note that Stata can both export the data to tab delimited files and pack them to a zip archive.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin


I also have the same problem. Is Stata the only way to solve it?

sorry I revived this topic but I haven’t found any newer discussion. Best regards

Stata has nothing to do with it.

If your archive contains files not mapped to any of the rosters of your questionnaire Survey Solutions will issue the above error. Remove them from your archive before uploading.

I have ran into the same problem as Peter in the past too. It is a really an annoying Mac related issue and not Excel. The _MACOSX file is a hidden file is something that Mac adds to the zip folder. Windows users can see it when they open unzip your file and unfortunately Survey Solutions does too.

You can use Stata or R to zip the file and you should not have that issue. Alternatively, I do this by command line in terminal after zipping to remove the _MACOSX folder from the zip file:
zip -d filename.zip __MACOSX/\*

More information about non command line related solutions:

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