Unable to import new questionnaire: Could not connect to Designer

I am new to survey solutions… I have installed the apps and created password and user accounts. Everything seems to be working fine.

It is only when i am trying to import a questionnaire that i am getting the following error message.

Unable to import new questionnaire:
Could not connect to Designer. Please check if Designer is available and try again

Has anyone come across this type of problems?

Please help.


Please be more specific about your problem. Are you trying to import a questionnaire to a HQ or you are using a Tester application on a tablet?

Please provide us more details to allow to help you better.


Faizal, which server are you using?

We need to whitelist your server to be able to access the Designer. Please fill in the form below and once you do that, send us the IP of your server.


Dear Faizal,

Please fill “the form”:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdgOr_16NkxrqzTV_NJwyNOA8AltENFQtuCUoji7VtyJNKmGg/viewform?entry.298635044=Faizal&entry.148300322=faizalfz@gmail.com&entry.1464401923=4138 for the server request.

Please be considerate to the costs of supporting cloud servers that the World Bank incurs. While we provide servers to most our users from developing countries for free, the servers are not free for the World Bank. We ask you to plan your work with this in mind. Please tell us for how long you need a cloud server and try to stick to that schedule as much as you can. Do not let the servers run idle.When you finish your survey and do not need your server anymore, inform us about it.

We provide cloud servers for up to 5 months. If you expect the data collection to last longer than 5 months, you will need to agree with us on the time when your tablets can be upgraded. If you would like to use Survey Solutions for several survey rounds, plan for server/tablets upgrade between the rounds.

We provide you a cloud server for a one survey. A survey may consist of several questionnaires, but the data collection for these questionnaires should occur at the same time. You should not run multiple surveys on one server. Request a cloud server for each survey you plan to conduct.

You should receive an email with the server credentials typically within two days from the date you complete this form. Please write to us if you have any issues login into your server.

Dear Friends,

Sorry for late reply as I was not in office the last few days.

The server is a windows 2012 server.

@Michael: No I am not using a tester server.
I have installed it on a dedicated server.
The questionnaire designer is on the worldbank.org. i have login there created a questionaire and then i am login on my server to import the questionnaire and that is where i am having the problem

Please help me thanks

Plese fill in the server request form. We need that for our accounting purposes. Once we receive the completed form from you we proceed with whitelisting your server.


Hi @misha ,
My self-hosted server is already whitelisted, but when I try to connect to the designer and download a new survey form I prepared I’m getting the following error message:

Unable to import new questionnaire:
Could not connect to Designer. Please check if Designer is available and try again

Does it mean that I need to create request for each survey forms I designed ? O I just should wait and re try?

Thank you.

No, you don’t.

Based on the message you quote it is not a whitelisting problem, but a genuine connectivity problem.

For checking if a server is working use the tools described in here:

See also #3 here:

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,
Thank you for the prompt reply, I’ll check the link you suggested.
EDIT: Now it is working, the problem was with internet connection in the server.

I just have same problem as Faizal. Our Server is self-hosted server and currently we can access our server but could not import new questionnaire from designer to server.

the message:
Could not connect to Designer. Please check if Designer is available and try [again]

I checked the connection status with “http://www.freesitestatus.com/en/quicktest.php” and its OK

Please help…

Thanks in advanced

Please, see #1 here:

Since the designer is working, it must be the problem is with your machine not permitting outgoing connections. Please check the firewall settings to permit calls to the Designer site.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Thank you sergiy,

I just asked our IT, he said he didn’t change anything in firewall permission/ configuration since we have no problem in previous in access designer to import questionnaire to server, its happened since yesterday. Is it need any specific configuration to be setup in our network? or we need specific port?


The problem is Solved. Its because battery in server motherboard need to be change, it cause the motherboard clock not match with the current time.

thank you,