Unable to download via ethernet but managed using wifi

Am not sure whether it is the settings of the Headquarters…

Whenever I initiate a download using ssaw via wifi connection, the process is done to completion. When I use the ethernet cable, the export is done but not download…

How can I go about this?

The fact that it works over WiFi tells me that the code is ok.

If it doesn’t work specifically over your cable - please check the cable connectivity.

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The connectivity is fine.

from ssaw import Client, ExportApi, models

connected_url = ['wifi-url', 'ethernet-url']
configs = []

client = Client(connected_url[0], configs['api_user'],
                configs['api_password'], workspace=configs["workspace"])

def pull_data(qid):
    This is the function that creates exports and then downloads data

    :param qid: The questionnaire id to export and download the data
    :return: Exported datasets
    export_object = models.ExportJob(qid,

    ExportApi(client).start(export_object, wait=True) # Runs well

    # ----- Download the  dataset (The dataset is not downloaded)

    ExportApi(client, workspace="workspace").get(questionnaire_identity=qid,


This is the snippet of my code

I can’t run your code. It is only a snippet. So it is not useful for the troubleshooting at this time since you’ve already written that the code works over the WiFi connection.

Run your actual full code against a PDS from a public network. If it works the problem is either with your server or with your network.

Nobody on this forum knows any details about them. Talk to your network admin about any network policies, restrictions, or regulations that govern the networking in your organization. Talk to your infrastructure provider regarding any policies, restrictions, or regulations that govern the connectivity to your server.

If your code doesn’t work against the PDS, simplify it as close to the examples provided by the ssaw’s author(s).