Two separate Qs on roster - oldest and prelast entry

Two questions related to the use of roster:

  1. Pooling the latest event from the unchronologically entered roster:

We have a question which asks a woman to list all pregnancies in her life and related dates, and quite often the list is not chronological:

Real life example:

Name date 1 (April 2017)
Name2 date 2 (Jan 2000)
Name3 date 3 (Mayb 2015)

We need to display or enable the next set of questions for a baby which has the most recent DATE of birth, not the SEQUENCE how it was entered.

Any suggestions?

Q2 In the roster we have a question which refers to a current name but needs also to refer to the name that was entered in the roster right before the current name.

Example: Were there any other live births between this baby (%rostertitle%), and the previous birth that you mentioned (name)

How to display someone in the list who was entered right before this entry. Probably @rowcode? Guidance would be very appreciated.


on your second question, please review the public example: “Public example: Roster addressing”: .

On your first question, I see you have opened a duplicate thread to the following “original question”:

I suggest the discussion to continue in the original thread.
Please create a minimal questionnaire demonstrating the situation, and integrating the earlier given advice in addition to the example data entry values.

Regards, Sergiy Radyakin