Two installations of Survey Solutions

User Ankouvi Nayo has sent us the following question:

Since we are in the process to set our local server and run Survey solutions on it, how possible is it to run different Surveys with different urls from the same local server. For example :
Survey 1 url :
Survey 2 url :
Both Surveys are under the same programme but managed by 2 differents coordination teams. It would be better that the HQ for Survey 1 don’t have acces to the HQ of survey2, vice versa.

Use two (or more) different machines for different Survey Solutions installations.

Users have earlier reported that attempts of setting up multiple installations on the same machine causes difficulties in management and updating of these instances. So we can’t recommend or support it at this time.

Setting up separate installations will guarantee that your staff sending information to one server will not see the information at the others.

If on the other hand you need two or more surveys done by the same interviewers (CAPI) - then you must use the same server.

This would be a great feature if we could setup survey compartments within an installation. So the same users may be assigned different surveys but only team members of a particular interview can see/download data. There can be multiple forms per survey.

Even at headquarter level, we have different individuals look after different surveys that are not inter-related. They should not be able to see or act on any other interview.

If we have 2 different installations, we have to create the users again in both. But this way we can share the same user base and assign a roles to them in different surveys.

What is included in term Survey? Is can same interviewer take part in 2 different surveys? Can same supervisor be in 2 different surveys? How do you share single assignment and created interview between these surveys. We want to come up with solution that will fit everyone needs, but there seems to be no simple way to do it. In case of introduction of new entity setting up a survey would become even more complicated than it is now. But still I’m not saying that this won’t be added in future releases.

Hi Andrew!

A Survey may be considered as a data collection exercise which may or may not include multiple interviews/forms.

The same interviewer or supervisor or HQ may be part of multiple surveys. But this is possible in the current platform also.

What I am suggesting is compartments where each HQ can run surveys that are not visible (or visible if permitted) to everyone (other HQs). This helps to use the same platform to collect data for multiple projects while ensuring no one has unnecessary access to data or forms.

I don’t think we will need a new entity. Just changes to the way permissions are handled at HQ level.

Creating a new server for every project is not a practical solution and not feasible for a few smaller projects.