Translation Upload Issues

I am facing problem during the excel translation template upload in the questionnaire
Uploading even the new excel template (with out any translation) shows this error. The screenshot of error :

Error message pop up: Entity Id has invalid id at [A2]
Type has invalid type [C2]
Can someone from forum helps to resolve this issue.

This kind of error may occur if you modify the questionnaire after the translation template has been downloaded and before it is uploaded.

Sergiy, same error pop-ups on re-downloaded new translation excel template also.

Thank you for sending in the files. The problem seem to be caused by the presence of recently added reusable categories in the translation file.

For the moment - remove those pages from the Excel file before uploading the file.

Since these categories may be used in multiple questions throughout the questionnaire the question ID is missing there (EntityID in the reported screenshot). So the program is currently overprotective and rejects the valid input.

On a related note, I tried to upload a template and I get the following error

Any idea of why this could be? Happy to provide any further detail needed

I am leaving aside the possibility that you’ve subtly changed the column title adding a few spaces that we can’t see on the screenshot. But please do check.

Other than that, please make sure your file is saved and closed (close excel) before you upload it. If that doesn’t help, perhaps, download the template again, and copy the header from there to this file.

Thanks Sergiy. I have tried the following:

  1. Re-check any extra space in the header
  2. Copy the headers from a fresh template
  3. Save and close the excel when uploading

Unfortunately I still get the same error

Problem solved. Hidden sheets with hidden (Entity Id) were causing the issue.
Thanks anyways.

The translation template that Survey Solutions produces doesn’t contain any hidden sheets. And correspondingly they are not expected when the template is imported back.

Glad that you’ve found this on your own.