Translation to Myanmar language - Questionnaire design

Hi all,

I’m developing a questionnaire in Burmese (Myanmar language) - Zawgyi One font. Did anyone have experience coding this language before? Will the questionnaire be able to display on the devices?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Uyen, what happens when you open your questionnaire in the Tester App?

The Myanmar font didnt show correctly. It was unreadable.

Uyen, according to Wikipedia:

Although some of the codepoints are similar to the Myanmar script as encoded in Unicode, the font does not correspond to the correct Unicode encoding and therefore is incompatible.

Survey Solutions was used in Myanmar and the questionnaires were prepared in the local language, but I have no way of telling which fonts were used or how they were setup.

Survey Solutions adheres to the Unicode standard for storing string data both for questionnaire and for data entered into the questionnaire during the interviews.

Best, Sergiy

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Hi Uyen,

I’ve had the same problem myself in Myanmar. The Zawgyi font is not supported because it’s not unicode. Also there’s no reliable converter for Zawgyi to unicode. So the process now must be manual - you’ll need to find someone who is able to type in myanmar unicode font and manually type out your questionnaire translation. Then you can use this version in SS.

Also be careful and test your tablet settings with language and keyboards to make sure that any open ends and comments are being captured and able to export out before you go live to field.




Dear Lachlan,

thank you for stepping in and confirming.

Uyen, see if it is perhaps simpler for you to design the whole questionnaire in English, and then supply the translation to Burmese. Then you can do all the typing in Excel or other software that can produce the translation file.

I have furthermore created an FAQ page on languages and an example questionnaire for checking.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Dear All,

I am totally agree with Sergiy Radyakin.
Currently, we are also using Survey solution with Burmese (Myanmar Language).
When you design the questionnaire, you have to write codding totally in English, and then translated into Burmese in excel.
Thus, update the excel file in survey solution. It’ll work in both computer and tablet.
Please don’t forget to install Zawgyi font in both correctly.

Best Regards,
Zin Wai Aung

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry I mispoke earler - there is in fact a converter which works on Zawgyi to unicode (I had forgotten about this). So you can copy and paste from a Zawgyi version to this and then into SS overlay. I’m not sure if it’s 100% effective to might be good to have a myanmar speaker check over it’s conversion.