Translation of variable labels

My colleague has sent me the following question:

…it seems there is a little flaw in this. Variables are not export in the Excel template (as far as I see), while sometime you want to assign a translated label to those variables too, in particular when you export those variables with the data.

This is correct. Variable labels do not have corresponding entries in the translation file. For questions where the variable label was not specified, question text will be used as a variable label and that would obey the language selection. Yet where the variable label was specified in the Designer, that text shall prevail.

Is there are reason why variables are not exported?
Calculated variables are exported with the main data unless the checkbox preventing this is checked.

As I said before, the variable label itself is not going into the Excel file, and hence the variables that get exported never change the text depending on the language. They are exported with the text specified in the Designer, which remains invariant to selected translation.

Why? Historically it happened so. Export of translated questionnaires is a relatively recent feature:

Not that there was a super strong sentiment not to do it, on the contrary, but it was never a priority, as it is not visible to the interviewers, which are usually the ones wishing to see the interview in the proper language.

When you think of it, there are other places where the translation doesn’t play. For example, in the interviews list at the HQ, where there is a stronger reason - since we don’t have a way of knowing whether French, France, Fr, Fra, and F are the same language or not, while the user may very well be working with several questionnaires creating a mess with the languages.

Hope this helps.
Best, Sergiy