Translating string variable

I have a glossary of terms in the questionnaire, and the terms are added as variables. This is because we call out the variable in the glossary section directly, and also hyperlink it (with a pop-up definition) in the questions where the relevant terms are used. The questionnaires will be administered in several languages. The problem I encountered is that the variable value is not extracted in the excel file used for translations, and I cannot find a way to assign a variable value based on the selected language. What would be the solution for this?
Thank you!

Values of calculated variables are not subjected to translation and one has no access to the current language in the syntax. If I understood your problem correctly, you have written something like

string term="Some explanatory text"

Then you are using it in glossary as a static text:

Term = %term%

and also in the text of the question(s): “Are you %term%?

Possibility 1:
Have a glossary as a collection of static texts, include an instruction early on in the interview “If any of the underlined terms are not clear, you will find a definition in the glossary.” Then use the HTML underline tags to highlight what is included in the glossary. (you are losing the pop-ups with this strategy).

Possibility 2:
Have a glossary as a collection of static texts, and also duplicate the same text everywhere you need the pop-ups. (duplication of texts with this strategy)

Possibility 3:
Same as possibility 2, but get rid of the glossary altogether. If each term occurs only once in the questions, you will have no duplication of texts.

All three possibilities imply that you need to get rid of the calculated variables.