Transfer Data between Survey Solutions and a Database

Got a query here on how to export data from your survey to an SQL server database, i.e, connect your survey to a database. Appreciate your comments and feedbacks…

You can export data in tab delimited format and load these data into your SQL database. Alternatively, you can API to automate that process.

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Thanks for the heads up!

Dear @appadmin_nsopng, please are u already using the Survey Solution API to automate realtime exportation of data from Survey Solution DBMS to a relational database? If yes, can you share some ideas with me?

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You can use the api to generate the export zip, scheduling it at intervals during the day using the task scheduler of the server. Automate the unzip and bulk insert in sql server using a stored proc from the sql server, again scheduling it using jobs in the SQL server agent. Please note that extracting the data takes up resources and might slow down server processing. Be careful not to schedule the extracts too often.