Training course

Hello @sergiy, I would like to improve my skills by working with survey solution, however I am not able to find training courses, any recommendations?

Two suggestions:

  1. YouTubeChannel. If you haven’t already, consider having a look at the Survey Solutions YouTube channel. Even though the videos are a bit old
  2. Pick a project. Like with learning most technical things, pick a (challenging) project, try to find a solution, and try to fill any knowledge gaps through research and posing forum questions. Rinse and repeat. At first, this advice may not seem very helpful. But I freely admit that this is how I’ve gradually learned things (e.g., working with the API, implementing complex validations, etc.)

Hello @arthurshaw2002 thanks. I have tried to install susoapi, but I have had this error, do you know how can I solve it?

Let’s continue the conversation here.

Here are a few commands to run, and whose results to share in the issue, that will help better understand your environment:

  • To see your operating environment, run sessionInfo()
  • To see if RTools is installed or visible from R(Studio). Some dependencies of susoapi require compilation from source.
# check whether RTools is installed
pkgbuild::find_rtools(debug = TRUE)
pkgbuild::has_build_tools(debug = TRUE)

# determine whether RTools is part of the environment variables
    x = Sys.getenv("PATH"), 
    pattern = "[Rr]tools"

Hi @arthurshaw2002 thanks, what version of R do you have?.. I am 4.2.