Traffic usage in 23.09

Hi Team,
Our team is using application version 23.09. I have been searching for the ‘Traffic usage’ option to monitor each sync team member’s activity. Unfortunately, this option seems to be missing in the current version. It was previously found in the ‘Interviewer’ menu in older versions. Could you please look into this matter?

What is missing?

Yes, I need the same

It is there as before:

  1. Make sure you are logged in as ‘Headquarter’
  2. Teams and Roles → Interviewers
  3. Select the respective Interviewer Account and you will see the details you are looking for.

Can be found at your-url.xx/workspace/Interviewer/Profile/InterviewerUID

I login as Headquarter user. I got the following menu options.
I have shared the screenshot of the menu.

Nope, this looks like you are logged in as admin. The view of users with Role ‘Headquarter’ looks currently like:

Make sure your account that you logged in is a Headquarter account and not admin! See here.