Tpk size limitation

I successfully upload tpk file of 120Mb, but receive error on 168Mb and greater. But “Survey Solutions Limits” says that up to 500Mb is ok. Dear SS team, can you help me to identify the problem?

Hello Yaroslav,

  1. indeed 500MB should be the limit for offline maps according to the limits.

  2. You wrote that you are receiving an error for files 168MB and larger. Here is a screenshot of a larger file uploaded successfully to the PDS server:

Best, Sergiy

I try to upload the same “” with no result

What version are you currently using on the server?
Please make sure you are using the most recent Survey Solutions version.

21.06.2 (build 31490)

29.9.5 is available from here:

Thank you, Sergiy. We’ll try to update in today.

Thanks, Gergiy. New version is OK

Great. Thank you for confirming.