Tpk Map Max filesize

According to the link above , it says the max zipped map preload file in Survey Solutions is 500mb

Is this the maximum size that each tpk to be assigned in a folder can be?
Or is this the maximum size a zipped folder containing tpks can be?

Can someone clarify please the upload process and the size limitations of each tpk?
For eg. if I have 610 tpks (each at filesize:5mb) , would this folder be too large for Survey Solutions?


This is correct. This is the max size of an upload, which is the zipped collection of maps.
But you can do multiple uploads, of course.
610*5.0/500 will give you the number of files to prepare. So about 7 assuming no compression on TPKs.

Thank you.

Is there a limit on the number of uploads that can be done ?
Are tpks usually of the jpeg format so that such small filesizes can be obtained for Survey Solutions? In terms of image quality I know jpeg is not as clear as png. Png would also produce larger filesizes and thus more uploads.


See the Survey Solutions limits page at the docs site. Anything that is not listed there is something we don’t know.

Clearly everything is limited in the computers’ world, so you will eventually run out of storage, but as a server owner you control when.

So once all the maps fit onto one’s own server, all can be uploaded to Survey Solutions using multiple uploads(even if its 20 uploads), thats what your saying correct?

yes, there is no limit on how many times you press on the upload button.

Okay thank you zurab

With my installation just recently made, the maximum Zip-file size for uploads is 50MByte. Larger files are rejected. And it gives also a 50MByte size limitation for GeoTiffs. Hence, if a 60MByte GeoTiff is zipped down to 49 MBytes, the system accepts the upload but then does not accept the Tif.

What version of Survey Solutions are you using?

21.09.6, installed last December.

Version 21.09.4 specifically had a fix related to the sizes of uploaded files, similar to what you’ve encountered, and there were several related changes throughout the 21.09.* generation, but as of now the sizes declared in the docs/limits should be observed: 500MB.

Try to update to 22.02 and recheck, or upload your files to the demo server to check whether they are accepted there (if you want a quick confirmation before the update).

This can be the solution to my problem. Thanks. But this is also a new challenge: the first server update. Any hints? Do I have to download the new installer ans run the installation again? What about the PostGres database?

I now updated to version 22.02 22.02.2 (build 32278) but the problem remains: The system does not allow files greater than 50MByte.

Are you running a Windows or Docker based setup?
Are you running any kind of web or reverse proxy server in front of the application (like, IIS, Nginex, etc)? if so, there may be additional request size limits set to these front systems that blocks the upload…

Try to upload your map to a demo server. If it accepts it, then you would know it is not our code, but some sort of configuration parameter or particularities of your setup, of which only you have information.

You’re right. My other server allows that file size. Thanks, I will try to find out.

Thank you for confirming.
Please share your findings.

Firstly, I am using IIS and I read that this Web server comes with a upload maximum of around 30MByte. Looking into the …SurveySolutions/site/web.config file I found an upload max size of 300MByte (the value is given in bytes):

Thus, this apparently is not the cause.
As a second step, I transferred the zip file of 80MByte to the server, opened the SS Web site on the server and uploaded the large file from the server’s hard disk. And this worked.

Hence, it is not a SS problem - the proxy settings might be the cause. But I anyhow found my workaround.

Thank you.