To reference an item2 for the current peron in a qutestion text

I’m in a roster that belongs to another list-triggered roster. How can I refer to a list item from my second roster

Dear @ndjindirena ,
There are too many scenarios that I could image after your question. Could you please describe your request clearly and add a bit more details. Do you try to write some validation rule for the question in some second-level nested roster?

Dans une enquête auprès des ménages, le nom du chef de ménages est préchargé dans la section cover ou la section identification. Je veux que quand on fait la liste des membre du ménage,si on entre le nom du chef de ménage dans la liste des membres de vérifier que c’est le même nom qui a été préchargé

Dear @ndjindirena,
I would add a validation rules to the List question and an instruction that informs an interviewer about this rule. Could you please take a look at the example here.