To collect responses for the options not selected in the question linked to the roster

How are you? I wanted to implement question A1 as a multiple-choice question, then insert a linked table with question A1, where I will place the single-choice question A2 inside the table, which will only include the options that were not selected in A1. Then, exit the table and add question A3 outside the table. Finally, insert a second table (see picture please) this time linked to the options selected in A1. In this case, we will have two tables separated by a text variable A3 outside the table.

How can we ensure that in the first table, we only respond to the options not selected in A1? As for the second table, selecting the options is simple and does not require control because we only link A1 to the table. Thank you for your understanding.

See this thread:

It seems like you are doing the same exercise as @Aliounejc

Hello Mr @sergiy but the answer to this post didn’t work.
Can you give me a designer link based on the photo, please respecting the description (questionnaire, see photo)?