The sections enabled in the interviews are shown

Hello Survey Solutions team,

My HQ user reported me an unusual view of the enabled sections in an interview.

In the next image we can see sections “3. Formulario de ingresos”, “6. Formulario de gastos mensuales del hogar”, “7. Formulario de gastos trimestrales del hogar”, “8. Formulario de gastos anuales del hogar” and “Balance General” enabled.
These sections should not be enabled because these sections depend on a response obtained in section “2.- Formulario de Características Generales del Hogar y sus Miembros” to be enabled.

The image belongs to the interview “95-34-46-76” (Assignment # 1413) from our server”.

We also find the same behavior in the webtester when we test our questionnaire.

Thanks for your help Survey Solutions team.

Hello Kevin,

this is related to the change introduced in v20.05:

“Sections in disabled state were previously always hidden. Now they will obey their individual hide-if-disabled flag. Check your earlier designed questionnaires to verify their behavior.”

Just set the “hide-if-disabled” flag for the sections that you expect to be hidden so that they are removed from the view.

I checked it and read it in the release notes.

Thanks Sergiy.