The numerical questions don't show the thousands separator

Hello Survey Solutions Team.

I am using Survey Solutions Designer, in Google Chrome, but I had view that my numeric questions don’t show the separator of thousands.

Also, another users reporting that in numerical questions with 2 number of decimals couldn’t insert decimals.

It is a problem?

Provided that the tester window is properly refreshed after you’ve made a question’s configuration, it should display the value with thousands separators.

Most likely the thousands separator in your system is not blank, so this does look like a bug.

See a similar discussion here:

Please, provide the information as requested by @alfeg in that thread.

  1. Browser with version

  2. What browser language were used

And also if possible the equivalent of the screenshot here:

Thank you!

This is:

Somebody know why it happens this with the numerical questions?

I tried the Microsoft Edge browser and in this browser the numerical questions work well.