"The name does not exist in the current context"

I encountered this issue when I tried to enable a chapter based on an answer to a question that is in a nested roster.

It is structured like this:
roster trigger question: number of intercepts
roster: status of each intercept, screener of eligibility, consent to the interview

After this, chapter 1 of the questionnaire after the content should be shown. However, after consent==1, it goes back to the screener.

So, for this chapter, I added an enabling condition in which if consent ==yes (code1), then it should automatically proceed to chapter 1, after consent==1. But I got an error “The name does not exist in the current context”.

  1. If I am reading your description correctly, you’ve put the consent question inside the roster, and trying to refer to it from outside, which the program can’t understand then. If your consent is in the roster, then you must address it with the R[c].consent (where R is the roster name and c is some code identifying the specific roster item).

  2. But could also be a typo in your typing of the variable name.

Yes, you are correct. The consent question is inside the roster.
Could you give me an example/demo of how to operationalize R[c].consent?