Text pipping

Dear team,

I want to do text-piping based on selection from two previous questions below syntax was created in main_solar STRING variable.

solarid (long integer) from roster
C_137 (single choice question) from roster

(solarid==1 && C_137==1)?

:((solarid==1 && C_137==2)?

“Solar Lighting product”:

((solarid==1 && C_137==3)?


Gives error: Expression as syntax error

please assists.

Thanks in advance

Try debugging your expression by parts.
Does solarid==1 compile? If yes, solarid==1 && C_137==1 compile? …

Dear Micheal,


I debug by part but none compile.

What i intend to do is that i want to access the Label of question C_137 (single choice) within a roster for rowcode==1.

Thanks in Advance.


perhaps you can try: %C_137% in the text of the next question?

Best, Sergiy Radyakin