Teams and Roles

Dear SS Team,

I’m currently having an unusual situation using the teams and roles. 1. I created the headquarters user and it’s working fine until I tried creating users from the teams and roles and I’m unable to. 2. I tried transferring an interviewer to another team it’s also not allowing me to. I’m not pretty sure of what is wrong can you please shed light?.

Please explain what do “I am unable to” and “it’s also not allowing me to” mean precisely. What error message are you getting?

Hello Sergiy,

Thank you for helping out. So I’m not getting any error messages. In my last project, I was able to create users from the teams and roles and also transfer interviewers from one supervisor to another. But this time the team and roles only brought out Supervisors and Interviews as drop-downs I can’t create users, Also I cannot transfer the interviewer to another team when I click on the interviewer name I intend to move

Starting from Version 21.01 released a year ago, and with introduction of workspaces, user management was moved to the global role outside of each particular space, so you will need to explore ‘administration’ tab under admin role user for a start. Once hq user role gets access to the specific workspace, they can do some user management in there too.

Thank you Zurab that works

Hi Family,
I can’t find the teams and roles tab in my Personal Demo server.
Any help?
Thank you

this is probably because you are logging in as an administrator. Click on the cogwheel icon administration, switch to the users tab and create your HQ-user account, then relogin under that account and you’d get the Teams and roles menu as on the demo-server.

Best, Sergiy