Tablets keep logging out


I have run a large survey solutions questionnaire (approx. 1000 questions) in two countries now and have had the same problem with tablets suddenly logging out in the middle of the interview. These tablets more than meet the requirements and, strangely, in both cases it has only been a problem with the tablets used by the enumerators, often with tablets logging out at the same time during training, but it does not happen on my phone or my own tablet.

We have suggested that they should not keep tapping the screen when it is loading, but the problem is still occurring around 3-5 times per interview.

Any advice you have to reduce this issue would be very much appreciated.

Best wishes,


Dan, thanks for reporting this issue.

  1. Please instruct all your interviewers to reboot their tablets periodically, preferably once a day. To reboot a tablet you need to hold a power button for several seconds and then confirm rebooting.
  2. Even is a tablet logs an interviewer out, no data is lost. We save data on entry, so, as soon as a question is answered the data is saved and will not be lost.
  3. We are aware of the login out issues if tablets overheat. This issue is specifically acute if the battery charge is low. This is not related to Survey Solutions but with the way Android manages its memory in situations with low charges.

Finally, please let us know your server name and preferably the login names of the interviewers who experienced this issue, we will investigate. Please send this information on

Thank you for the quick response and the helpful advice Misha, I will collect the information and send it over.

Thanks again, Dan.