Tablet Time resetting

Dear Survey Team,

We are currently running Survey Solutions 22.06.10 and we have discovered a couple of our tablets where the time stamp on DateTime questions are two hours behind. Our tablets are setup with automatic time and even if we set the time manually, as soon as we log in to the interviewer app on the tablet the time on the tablet is reset back two hours.

Do you perhaps have any idea why this might happen?

Kind regards

Eugene Ehlers

Survey Solutions doesn’t adjust the clock of the tablet, so the problem must be in something else.

  • Check the tablet Date/Time settings
  • Check the network settings


and about 300mln other references that Google puts up as results for “Android wrong time” search

Best, Sergiy

PS: the gentle way of telling the clock settings are wrong is shown in the release notes for version 20.12.

Thank you Sergiy. We will play around with the tablet settings.