Tablet synchronization with offline supervisor

A user has reported that utilizing Survey Solutions version 20.06 on a Tecno P701 tablet ended up in a deadlock situation where the data from the Interviewer’s tablet can not be sent to the Supervisor’s tablet, and since the team has gone offline, synchronization to the server is also not possible.

Tecno P701 tablet does not satisfy the minimal RAM requirements as posted here:

That said, we’ve taken some measures to improve our efficiency in v.20.09. Yet this didn’t solve the problem fully.


  1. If you are using offline work for supervisors + interviewers, check that they can communicate uninterruptedly in a test environment before sending them out to the field/remote locations.

  2. If you are using the offline mode for supervisors + interviewers and experience the specific problem of aborted synchronization (in the middle of the seemingly running process) please contact support with the logs of both the interviewer and the supervisor tablets.

  3. Avoid using tablets that are not adequate according to the indicated requirements (and that is the ‘minimal’ specification, it doesn’t mean ‘always sufficient’). The documentation page above alerts about this:

The supervisor app has the same hardware and software requirements as the interviewer app, so the same tablets may be used for both interviewers and supervisors. Yet the work load on the supervisor tablet may be larger, and with large amount of assignments/interviews the memory capacity of the tablet becomes critical.

At this time we do not see any evidence in the sent logs that the error is due to the Survey Solutions code or anything under our control. Yet if there are more problem reports like this, it will give us a possibility to look at it from different angles. Clearly debugging such situations is more difficult then the situation with the online supervisor at the server.