Tablet setup QR code include password

Hello all,

We are trying to setup a multitude of tablets. We were trying to follow this piece of documentation

to have the QR with the login information included. However when we scan it, the url and user name are filled, the password is not. Wed are using a standard web based QR code generator to contain information like below:


Any ideas?

The article you quote gives you a caution that transferring passwords in this manner is not the best idea.

If you still want to do it, and the QR code that you’ve generated is not providing the anticipated result, please identify the “standard web based QR code generator” by sharing its URL and an example of output that it generates (actual image that you are scanning).

Thank you Sergiy. I am aware of the security risk and that the procedure is not recommended.

As an example the final QR from the documentation does not work as described. That is, it inputs the url and login, but no password. The same happens if I use the QR generator like this for example. With this input


I obtain an image like the one below


Which gives me the same issue.

Interviewer app version is 22.02.7 build 32498

Hello Arseniy,

thank you very much for reporting the issue. The problem appears to be not in your QR-code, which has the correct content, but in our code that reacts to the scanned content.

As can be seen in this file, around lines 408-423:

                if (scanCode?.Code != null)
                    // Try parse scanned barcode as url
                    // For barcode on download page which have a link to interviewer apk
                    Uri.TryCreate(scanCode.Code, UriKind.Absolute, out var scannedUrl);
                    if (scannedUrl != null)
                        this.Endpoint = scannedUrl.GetComponents(UriComponents.SchemeAndServer, UriFormat.Unescaped);
                        var finishInfo = this.serializer.Deserialize<FinishInstallationInfo>(scanCode.Code);

                        this.Endpoint = finishInfo.Url;
                        this.UserName = finishInfo.Login;

Apparently only the Url and Login properties of the recognized code are applied and I don’t see any other way for it to be entered there, so no obvious workaround at this time.

This means there is a discrepancy with the published documentation.

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A ticket has been created for this issue:

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