System generated variables

I want to understand these variables generated along with my data. The export file anatomy page doesn’t contain these.

interview__status : Current status of the interview (Completed, Rejected, Approved etc)
date : Date on which interview was completed (Will this change if the interview was rejected and then completed again?)
time : Same as date, but time
action : I only see “Completed” as an entry here. I see the possible entries listed below. In what case will I see these entries? We are doing a CAPI survey. Will we see these only in CAWI surveys? Options like "Rejected by HQ etc are interview status why are they here also?

“SupervisorAssigned”, “InterviewerAssigned”, “FirstAnswerSet”, “Completed”, “Restarted”, “ApprovedBySupervisor”, “ApprovedByHeadquarter”, “RejectedBySupervisor”, “RejectedByHeadquarter”, “Deleted”, “Restored”, “UnapprovedByHeadquarter”, “Created”, “InterviewReceivedByTablet”, “Resumed”, “Paused”, “TranslationSwitched”, “OpenedBySupervisor”, “ClosedBySupervisor”

originator : Who is this? This shows the username of the interviewer. Will this always be the username of the person who filled in the interview?
role : When do we expect this not be “Interviewer”
responsible__name : This has the name of the supervisor
responsible__role : This says "Supervisor. In what scenarios do we expect anything else here?

Please, see here:

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