Synthax error WB0003

Hello !

I would like to add an enabling condition on a section to make sure that all the questions of the previous roster section have been answered before enabling the next section.
The condition i would like to set up is one to make sure that for the whole roster list all the variables have been answered.
Would you know how to pull this off?
Many thanks in advance!
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In short you probably want to disable question on the age of Mary (person 2) until the question on the age of John (person 1) has been answered. Even though these are two questions on the screen because they apply to different persons, from the questionnaire point of view that is one question, so trying to impose a condition on it will necessarily cause a self-reference (“enable age if age is answered”) causing WB0056 error, see circular references in the online documentation.

If your case is like that, it is probably not the best idea to impose such a restriction in the first place. If John is not immediately available, perhaps the interviewer could proceed to Mary, then return to questions about John later.