Syntaxe qui permet de mettre une saisie alphanumérique en majuscule

Bonjour, je souhaiterais mettre en majuscule la saisie des caractères alphanumérique, comment faire ? je sais qu’il est possible d’imposé le saisie en lettre majuscule. Mais est ce qu’il est possible de faire en sorte que lorsqu’on saisie se soit directement en majuscule ?

There is no imputation in Survey Solutions. If the element is a question, the answer to it is exactly what the user has entered. The input is stored verbatim, and there is no syntax to transform it in any way.

For your specific case, if the user enters the answer to text question name, then you can calculate a string variable namecaps as


to be in all capital letters. In the expressions for calculated variables you can implement all sort of logic based on one or multiple questions and other variables (for example, you could capitalize only the names of women, etc).

Historically, the requirement to write the name of the respondent in capital letters appeared in the late XX century, when OCR readers were used to recognize the characters and they had troubles recognizing handwriting. In CAPI/CAWI there is no character recognition involved, so this requirement has little practical significance now.

See e.g. Avoiding Confusion With Alphanumeric Characters:

Prescribers are encouraged to use block printing for handwritten orders. They might save time by using cursive writing, but the time saved needs to be weighed against the risk of creating errors and the tremendous waste of staff time when poorly handwritten orders must be interpreted.

For output to screen instead of

  • How old is JOHN?

we commonly write

  • How old is John?

Applying formatting to indicate substitution of text into a question (if necessary).

If you have another reason for capitalization, please, explain.

bonjour, et merci encore, cette syntaxe rend obligatoire la saisie en majuscule, si la saisie n’est pas en majuscule il y a un message d’erreur qui va apparaitre, ca fait exactement la meme chose que le fonction “Mavariable.consistsOf()”. Mais est ce qu’il est possible dans SuSo pas de rendre obligatoire le saisie, mais plutôt de de faire la saisie en majuscule. je n’explique, dans une question textuelle si on saisi “aerty” sur l’écran ca donne “AERTY” ? tel qu’on peut le faire sur accès ou excel ou encore Cspro!!!

you can have “AERTY” stored if the user enters “aerty”, but you will have to store it in a different variable, as I explained above - namecaps instead of name.