Syntax for terminating an interview based on listing criteria

Hi SS Team
I am scripting a questionnaire. It consists of two parts; listing questions and other questions for qualified respondents (who qualifies the listing criteria). I would like to script the questionnaire in such a manner that those who do not qualify the listing criteria, the interviews should automatically navigate to complete and those who qualify, the new question should enable for them.

I know it can be done if we enable the next section, sub-sections…but it would make the entire questionnaire complicated. Please suggest a shortcut function.


Hello Dinesh Kumar,

you wrote that you know the solution with enabling conditions and you want something different. We can’t suggest something that doesn’t exist in the program.

You can tradeoff the complexity of questionnaire structure vs. fieldwork (if you don’t care about your survey) and split your questionnaire into two parts, the screener and the payload. Do the screener as survey #1, after that process the collected data at the HQ, create assignments for the payload section and do the survey #2 with all the eligible households.

Why putting one condition on a section is such a terrible complication?

Best, Sergiy

Many thanks for reply and suggestion.