Synchronizing tablets

Hi there,

My client is getting on board with Survey Solutions from next year and they have the following concern/question.

They have fieldworkers going out to collect the data in the mornings on their tablets using the Interviewer application, however, the problem is that the fieldworkers are not returning the tablet back to base to be synchronized, it is the Supervisor who will return the tablets to be synchronized. The problem is that from what I can gather, only one account can exist on the interviewer app so the Supervisor won’t be able to log in to the Interviewer app on the respective tablets to synchronize the tablets unless the Supervisor know the passwords of the fieldworkers to whom the tablets are assigned to and my client is not keen on sharing the passwords between the individual Fieldworkers and their respective Supervisor. Is there another way to synchronize the tablets without knowing the Fieldworkers’ passwords?

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers

There is no functionality to address your request. Ideally, and especially in SA, where the mobile data coverage is good, we advise our users to rely on mobile internet and synchronize in the field. Also, it is not necessary to synchronize every day. So, interviewers could come to an office to synchronize once every week or so.

Giving Supervisors access to Interviewer password is a bad idea. They should not do that.