Synchronizing data without updating interviewer app

Dear Support Team,

We have been facing problem in updating the interviewer app in our devices during the middle of survey because of the limited access of internet in the remote places of Nepal. With out updating the interviewer app, we are not able to synchronize our data to server. And we do not give the enumerators the privilege to access and install it on our devices because of organization rules. So, we have been searching solutions for letting enumerators synchronize the data to the server without updating the interviewer app. Is it possible to do ?

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Yes, it is possible to disable automatic interviewer update requirement. You can use your administrator account to access settings in the top right corner menu

then uncheck automatic updates


This will allow older application versions to connect to HQ server. IN will be allowed to synchronize if you don’t use new features in questionnaire that require application update.


Thank you very much for the prompt response. That was really helpful. :smiley: