Synchronized data missing from the server


Is it possible that a data can go missing even if the interviewers are sure and have confirmed that they have sent the interview?

I have downloaded the data from the server and checked to see that 17 interviews conducted with three different tablets are not available on the server or on the tablets. The interviewers have confirmed they have sent this 17 interviews and a supervisor also confirms it. I have checked tablet synchronization status and these 3 tablets are synchronizing data as usually currently. But, i don’t seem to find these 17 interviews anywhere



We don’t know where and how you do the search. Nor do we know any of the events on the server that predated this puzzle.


Just as a general note based on my experience: Before considering technical issues, I would investigate the detailed action log of the respective interviewers. Especially if you don’t have the tablets physically in your hands and only rely on interviewers report.

In my case, all instances of interviewers reporting “missing”/“lost during synchronization” interviews were solved through the action log: I could reproduce the history of each interview and identify (&show to the interviewer) that interviewers either

  • (Accidentally) discarded started/completed interviews, which have not been synced before
  • Simply did not complete the interviews yet, so they will not be synced
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I have searched for the data on the server using key identifiers(Study ID) as the form had a pre-filled data and also have downloaded the data and looked at it in STATA. We have also checked on the interview’s tablets and there are no started interviews which match the interviews that are missing.

There are some connectivity issues when there is power outage or internet issues when the server might be down. The server is regularly maintained and the issue came up 2 weeks ago, when feedback on the missing interviews were sent to the interviewers, but the interviewers reported that they have done those interviews and synced the data.

Hope that clears any confusion.

Have you also checked the broken packages storage?

I haven’t. Where do i find that?

I haven’t. Where do i find that?

As admin click on a workspace name in administration/workspaces and select Interview packages from the context menu.