Synchronization offline to supervisor tablet

Hello everybody,
I can’t transfer data to the offline supervisor tablet
here is the message shown by the tablet : “interviewer does not work without the google play services”

device-to-device communication, to transfer data between the Interviewer and Supervisor apps uses combination of Bluetooth and direct wifi protocols implemented in Android OS. But for these to work, google play services must be present. This is usually part of Standard setup for most of the Android device and pre-installed when you purchase your tablets, but some providers (or perhaps your IT department?) may distribute tablets without google play services installed.

Please install the service from the play store and you should be able to transfer data between two apps. Unfortunately there is not much that Survey Solutions team can do if you are unable to do the installation as the component is something that we cannot work without.

thanks for your feedback, i’r\m using Huawei mediapad, is it also from the device? what do you think?

Is this the exact message you are seeing on the screen? Or is this your translation from some other language??

WHEN do you see this message?

yes, the message is like that : your google services application is not compatible
my tablet is Huawei

Survey Solutions itself does not issue this message.
Hence, it must be produced by some other software.

here is the message on my screen

Thank you for finally posting the exact error message.
This is not coming from our code. A quick search in the internet yields that this is a widespread problem, that could be caused by numerous factors that you will need to probe in your device.

A few third party sites links to get you started:

Supervisor App does require Google Play Services:

it’s resolved, but new problem

How did you manage to resolve the problem with the Google Play services?

I install google play store, google play services

new remark, supervisor’s device cannot be located

Hello friend,
I am a beginner in survey solutions, I can’t transfer offline with the tablet of supervisor
Heres the message

on the tablet

Horizontal synchronization requires TWO tablets.
You are showing only ONE screenshot.
This is a legitimate situation. The message simply tells you that the other tablet can’t be located.

  • Maybe it is switched off.
  • Maybe it is too far away.
  • Maybe it doesn’t have Survey Solutions app.
  • Maybe any of a hundred other reasons.

In particular, you’ve mentioned in above “I install google play store”. This is not something that I normally experience. Google play comes preinstalled in all the tablets that I’ve seen suitable for Survey Solutions. If your device lacked it for any reason, then it can also have any number of unknown problems. Try to get two ‘clean’ devices with known history and try the sync there. Then verify each ONE of your current devices with the ‘clean’ one.

there are two app, one interviewer, other supervisor
the supervisor’s tablet just takes data from interviewer, doesn’t it?

YES, this is correct.

NO, it does much more than just receiving data from the interviewer. See the description here.