Synchronization issues

Hello! We are having some troubles with synchronization. Interviewers are not able to synchronize correctly and get an error. Interview is stored on the server but with no information. Right now we are also unable to assign interview.

A few questions:

  • What error message do interviewers see?
  • Does this guide help troubleshoot?
  • Is the server reachable from the internet?
  • For your workspace’s settings, are you requiring that only the latest version of Interviewer can sync with the server? See image below

Many thanks for your reply. We disabled the first option on automatic updates. Yet some data got lost in the process as interviews have been deleted from the enumerators’ tablets. Interviews appear empty on the server. We are unsure why this is the case or how to retrieve the information.

Could you please say more about this?

Does this appear to be a side-effect of the change above?

Or do you suspect/know that interviewers uninstalled and reinstalled Interviewer in hopes of solving the sync problem?

As far as I know, Interviewers did not uninstall the application. They tried to synchronize and logged off. When they logged in again the interviews were gone.

Dear All,

After a thorough investigation, The Technical team found that, there is a setting in WAF (Web Application Firewall) to display an error message to the user with the support ID and an email link to report the issue to the admins if their request is blocked.

This response was coming from WAF (Web Application Firewall) and not the backend Survey Solution Servers and the WAF was configured to set a 200 HTTP response code when the request is blocked.

During the investigation with the Product Team, LB/WAF Team found that, the response code of 200 which is set by WAF in the case of blocked traffic had caused the synchronization issue.

Only for survey solution sites, LB/WAF Team have changed the configuration to return a 406 HTTP status code in the case of blocked traffic.

Thank You and Sorry for any inconveniences caused due to this issue.

Many thanks, the explanation is very useful.