Synchronization in tablet surveys not completed

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to obtain on the server the information of the surveys made on the tablet and that have not been completed (that is, they are in the initiated stage).


Just to make sure I’m understanding your question correctly, do you mean some or all of the following?

  • Count the number of interviews in the Started tab on the assignment
  • Use that information to update all reports (e.g., populate the Interviewer Assigned column with this count)
  • Add records in data export files for these cases. Since these interviews are not completed and have not been synched, I presume we would only add records to the interview__actions file to show that these interviews exist.


Are there other places in HQ/Supervisor that this information is reflected?

@dmeanares, be advised that this may be a stale information. The interviewer may have since completed or discarded those interviews. What are you trying to do?

Thanks guys

What we need is add records in data export files for the surveys in the initiated stage, we have reviewed and in the case of the surveys made in a computer, this works well.

We need the records in data export files for the initiated survey cases, because there are occasions when our interviewers visit homes several times but in spite of this the surveys can not be completed, yet this information is useful for us anyway.

Is it possible anyway to have the records in data export files of the surveys made on the tablet, in initiated stage?


When you say that you “need records in data export files of initiated surveys”, do you want only some data indicating that the interview was started (i.e., interview created from the assignment), or some information from the interview about the interview’s status (e.g., data entered into the interview, like a contact attempts roster or data captured for partial interview)?

While @sergiy may be aware of more elegant ways to know strictly the former (i.e., whether interview started), here’s an inelegant solution that gives you information on both:

  • When interviewers reach a stopping point with an interview (e.g., household not available or rescheduled interview for later), they should mark the questionnaire as Completed and sync.
  • When the interview is synced, it will be on the server and the case will appear in all exported data files
  • From the data, you can know what the status of the interview is
  • When the interviewer needs to resume the interview, the supervisor can reject the interview back to the interview in order to continue work.
  • When the interview is actually completed (e.g., refusal or interview fully filled), the interviewer should mark the interview as Completed and sync again.

One additional tip: include questions in your questionnaire that allow you as a survey manager (and supervisors in the field) to differentiate between interviews that are pending and interviews that are complete.

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No. Not possible, because data for unterviews that haven’t been marked as completed stays on the tablet.

This is regardless of the completion stage in terms of questions answered.

Mark the interview as completed and sync.

Thanks guys!, we will try Arthur solution