Synchronization Error Interviewer App

I logged in to the Survey Solutions Interviewer App with my credentials. After we started the interviews, we assigned the interviews to another interviewer account to continue on a second device. A notification (see screenshot attached) has now been displayed on the first device and is now blocking synchronisation on the one used for the interviews. Is there any way to fix the error?


Unfortunately I cannot read the non-english error message you’re getting, but does it say that the tablet device was relinked? this happens if someone logged in to another tablet with the SAME interviewer credentials as you. Please double-check what credentials the other interviewer used.

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Thanks a lot @zurab! So the error message says “Error during user authentication. Your account has been linked to another tablet.”. This is indeed what you have noted. This means someone has used the same interviewer credentials and logged in with another device.

Is there a way to solve the issue without loosing data on the original device?

It’s not a good style to respond “we told you so”, but unfortunately this is the result of users ignoring multiple warnings and getting themselves in trouble - as the above article describes, any data left on the original device after relinking is discarded. That is why, in addition to giving warnings in the documentation, the Interviewer app itself displays the warning when someone attempts to log in on a new device.

Was it that another interviewer intentionally used the same credentials, or that was a mistake? many times such mistakes happen when not so good passwords are used - sometimes (very very bad idea!) we see teams use ‘easy’ username/password pairs, like Interviewer123/Interviewer123. Supposedly this is easy to remember but as a consequence a) passwords are easy to guess (security and data confidentiality issue!) and easy to mistype, the next fieldworker can make a mistake and instead of typing Interviewer125 will type Interviewer123…

Anyways, not to go on a tangent, to confirm your original answer, unfortunately we can’t do much as the fieldworker/user did explicitly tell the system to use the new device and loose the old data.

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