Synchronization completed with errors

One of the interviewer has completed the interview, but when he was synchronizing, the message popup, synchronization completed with errors,
what might be the problem.

There is a temporary workaround for this known issue.

  1. Please rename tab file with assignments to match name of questionnaire without version
  2. Archive this tab file into zip
  3. Upload it as zip file using button 'Upload .Zip file'
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thank you for the response, but still there is another error
1 error found
PL0040: File with questionnaire level data is missing.
File name: Tanzania Household Budget Survey
File: .tab ( )

Please try again without any .zip archives - there is a new version were released of HQ

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After the new release , now is working,
Thank you very much


I also got this error but the problem was that I had put '_responsible ’ in the column rather than ‘_responsible’ and had not noticed the trailing whitespace.

Good afternoon in my case,
in point 1 I understand that I must select the option in image 1 framed in yellow,
in point 2, as shown in image 2 is the TAB file and the Zip file,
and finally in the Image 3 is where I have to load.

Please confirm if what is correct is correct. I attach the images indicated above-