Synchronization completed with errors on SUP App

Good day,

I have had a rough week with the Supervisor app on a couple of tablets. Every time we synchronize to the server it flags an error ‘Synchronization completed with errors’. I have tried to look for previously suggested solutions on the forum with not much success…Attached is an image showing the error on the Sup app. Please assist.
Best, Memo
Image 1

how do these 'couple of tablets’ differ from the other [on which I presume the synchronization is working]? You wrote “I have had a rough week”, but it is not clear what has actually happened.

We are using Mecer android tablets for all users. 2 out of 5 Supervisors are flagging the error. I have been trying to troubleshoot this problem the whole week with no success.


  • How does the hardware differ?
  • How does the software differ?
  • How do the settings differ?
  • How does the history of use differ?
  • How do the actions of the users differ?
  • How does the environment differ?

You’ve answered that there is no difference in hardware, the devices are identical models.
Continue with the following questions.

Until you can demonstrate otherwise, the screenshot simply shows a communication error during the synchronization, and the affected supervisors should retry.

Hi Sergiy,

We have just identified that the problem could be coming from the Interviewer data. I tried moving the Interviewers to different teams and the synchronization was completed with no errors (if the identified FW is not under their account). If we move that FW back to any Supervisor then the synchronization errors flag again on that Sup App.

What does FW stand for?

Apologies, FW stands for Fieldworker

If the issue is reproducible, get the Logs from any of the Supervisor tablets that have experienced this issue. The Log files should contain more descriptive information as it is not possible to infer it from the error message that is shown in your screenshot.

In parallel, look into the server logs. Similarly inspect it for detailed error information. Use the timestamp of synchronization for identifying the proper messages in case there is a lot of info in those logs.

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