Sync process delay (to appear in HQ)

Hi Team,

I’m writing for clarification on 2 issues, please.

  1. We have begun our Endline data collection, one of our policies is to review submissions within 24 hours of uploading/syncing.

We have, however, noticed something slightly strange with regards to the time a Questionnaire is completed and synced, to the time when it appears in HQ (under the ‘complete’ section). There have been instances whereby a team has synced their questionnaires the night before, but it does not appear in HQ until the following day (After about 10 hours for example).

Therefore, I wanted to know if this could be because of server issues, or if their is a periodic upload period? Please let me know if you need more details and examples from our survey server.

  1. I would like to clarify what the time stamp is referring to, on the “updated on” column of reports on HQ. For example, when opening completed surveys and looking at the status history, is the completed time stamp when the questionnaire was completed on the device, or when it was synced to the server. I’ve included a screenshot, if you could please advise what that completed time of 9:52am is referring too, thank you.


On #1 all submissions appear in the list of interviews immediately. There is hardly a delay of a few seconds. Definitely not 24 hours. You can do an experiment to confirm this. Use your own or a demo server if necessary.

On #2 the time for completion refers to the time when the button COMPLETE was pressed. If the interview was completed, but the interviewer didn’t sync for 3 days, once you receive it you will see an interview with a 3-day old completed mark.

:point_right: In all of the above mind the differences in time zones for interviewers and supervisors and hq and your own location depending on which role you assume.