Symbols on Pattern

on text questions when forcing a pattern I’d like to leave one of the spaces open for the interviwer to be able to input anything, be it alpanumeric or symbols (eg. +, -, %, &, #).
Is there a way?

Hello @surveyccc ,

the issue seems to stem from different interpretation of the mask in the CAPI and CAWI modes. An issue has been described here:

If you are doing CAPI data collection and find the current behavior acceptable, be prepared that it will change in the future. The issue description and comments will contain the relevant mentioning which way it will change.

In general, however, you may wish to have a validation of sort:

self.Left(4).ConsistsOf("0123456789") && self.Right(4).ConsistsOf("0123456789")

This will allow, for example "1234+5678", "12345-98765", "1234567890%%test9876543210", or "12345".

What is it that you are matching?

Best, Sergiy

I see. Thanks.
I never would have guessed CAPI and CAWI would behave diferently and was only testing on CAWI.

What I wanted to do was not exactly best practices but it was frustrating me that I couldn’t. Basically I was forcing a pattern like ‘PP:##’ but then I wanted to allow a negative number, so ‘PP:-#’.

When this behaviour gets changed will it be possible to still use this old version or will the changes apply to everyone at once?

I can’t imagine what “PP” could be in a socio-economic survey.

Most likely you are trying to create some structure replicating some artificial paper-based instruction.