Switch language

In one of our old questionnaire, we designed it in our local language (Marathi) and added English as a translation. This causes difficulty while designing this form. Can we switch the default language and the translation, so that the designer shows the form in English?

No, the Designer always shows the language that was originally used for the design.

What is the difficulty? Please, elaborate.

It’s easier for me to design in English. Now I have to back-and-forth between the translation sheet and the form.

I manually switched the language. Changing the questions, options and validation texts in the form in designer from the translation sheet. And then just copying and pasting the Original text column in to translation column and re-uploading.

This is a case for many users, myself included. A questionnaire is designed in English, then translations for local languages are included. I still don’t understand where the problem is.

My original questionnaire was designed in a local language. And English was a translation. Anyway, I was able to manually switch the languages. No issues anymore.