Swagger UI Get Export Error 404

Dear community,
our developers were testing API to get Survey data from Swagger UI and it worked so far. But suddenly we receive Error 404 when trying to execute GET EXPORT.

The survey we are trying to download on demo server:
Export type: tabular
Status: Completed

Any suggestion how to fix this issue. Thank you in advance.

I’d say it relates to the problem reported here

and not your API request (assuming your developers didn’t change anything).

Looks like there is something going on with the WB Cloud Servers today. I do also experience problems when exporting data since this morning via API requests, though it works after some time …

So just give it a try later on today or the next days. If it still returns Error 404 it might be your API request!


Unfortunately this is on our side, export service (although works and generates files) returns the error message, both to the API call as well as on the screen. We’re working on it and hopefully will resolve today.

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This seemed to have been sorted yesterday. But started again today. But instead of throwing an error the exports getting queued. This happens with both manual export or API call.

I don’t think it was resolved, it seems to be doing a generic download. The download I got previously for this survey is significantly larger, when I opened the file, I got one record. I hope this is resolved asap and that our data is in no way compromised.

Any news on this?

It’s been almost 4 days

We are looking into this issue.
Hope we will able to deploy fix soon

Export issue fixed, update to Export deployed.

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