Swagger approve/reject requests don't work for me

Has anyone succeeded in executing the approve / reject / hqapprove / hqreject requests from the swagger UI?
When I try it, the interview ID wiggles and nothing happens. I’m supplying the plain id sequence (no quotes, brackets, etc.)

Doing the same thing from my R code it works just fine.
I’m using version 21.01.2

Please use the delimiters in this API point.

The following is known to work:

The following is known to not work:

See also external link:

Hi Sergiy,

Thanks, that did it.
The second form (known to not work) does work when you don’t go through the swagger UI,
like from my R code.


Yes, I think it is a Swagger problem, rather than Survey Solutions problem.
Some queries allow some flexibility, like here (note, id is declared as string):

While others have ids declared as GUIDs:

And that’s where Swagger attempts to pre-validate the user’s input more strictly, than what Survey Solutions would actually tolerate.