Survey variable issue


I would like to report an error that appears on a local server that we have in the central bank of Honduras, the problem is that a questionnaire with the variable name “BCH1” has been imported, a copy of said questionnaire was made from it and when trying to upload it, it shows an error that says “You have already imported from Designer another quiz with quiz variable ‘BCH1’. If you want to import this particular one, assign a different quiz variable in Designer.” This error appears despite the fact that we have deleted all the questionnaires from the local server.

Your screenshot shows the questionnaire list for the enighprueba workspace. Might a questionnaire with the same variable name exist in another workspace of the server?

Hi, Arthur

No, we don´t have another questionnaire in the default workspace.

Please assign a different variable name for questionnaire on designer as mentioned in the message.

If any questionnaire variable was used once and imported to HQ this name should not be used for any other questionnaire even if the original questionnaire was deleted.