- R package for Translation Management

Hi everyone,

I thought it is time to share an R package that has evolved project by project over the past few years at RowSquared — a tool designed to streamline the process of managing and updating translations for multilingual surveys.

Called the functionalities are centered around connecting your Survey Solutions questionnaires with a “Translation Database” hosted on Google Sheets. It’s crafted to save hours of manual work for both survey managers and translators, reduce the potential for errors, and ensure that translations remain consistent and up-to-date, especially when dealing with multiple and frequently changing questionnaires and/or multiple languages.

Feel free to check it out for more details and how to install on GitHub.

Key Features of

  • Automated Synchronization: Seamlessly integrates your survey questionnaires with a central translation database on Google Sheets. See example here.
  • Centralized Translation: Offers a scalable solution for managing the translation itself across multiple languages and questionnaires in one document.
  • Efficiency and Consistency: Significantly reduces manual work, minimizes errors and helps to manage the workload for both you as a survey manager and Translator(s)!

The package is still in development, particularly the documentation, so I consider it work in progress. Feedback and suggestions are very welcome! I’m also considering developing a wrapper function to simplify usage further if there’s enough interest from the community.

I’m looking forward to your feedback and hope can contribute to all our work by simplifying the preparation of multilingual surveys.