Survey Statistics

Hi Survey Solutions team.

Honduras is using the mode Capi of Survey Solutions and at the moment there are some teams in field. HQ’s team are monitoring and using the reports. But when they are using the report Survey Statistics some questions [single or multiple selection and numeric] aren’t availible.

My specific case is: I have the question of type single selection “Departamento” named “F1_A0_Departamento” with scope “Identifier”, but when I wish to see the result of this question in the report Survey Statistics this variable is not present in the list of possible variables.

Somebody can explain me about it.

Also, if somebody has recommendations, suggestions or any comment about how do the better job when the survey is in field we receive it with a lot of pleasantness.:smiley:

Thanks for all your help in this project.

In general, the Survey Statistics report is utilizing questions of types Numeric, and Categorical Single- and Multi-Select.

Still there are some more limitations: for example, a linked categorical single-select question is technically ‘categorical’, but it’s values are unique in every interview and can be millions in a large survey.

In order to prevent the tabulation in the report to explode to huge sizes, the categorical questions that you select for the Survey Statistics web report may NOT be either of the following:

  • linked
  • filtered combobox
  • cascading

While your question is single-selection, it may be one of the above situations. (Single-select questions of the combobox style could be up to 15,000 categories now, which is a lot for a web report, hence they are excluded). Please check.

Furthermore, you are writing “some questions [single or multiple selection and numeric] aren’t availible”. This is strange. I don’t expect specifically numeric questions to be ever excluded from this report. Please reconfirm this (identify a specific question) and furthermore confirm that there is at least 1 interview that has an answer to that question.

Updated the support page to mention the above restriction on the categorical question types.

I reviewed all the questions of types Numeric, and Categorical Single- and Multi-Select in my questionnaire and I have this:

For the questions with fifteen or more options I think are much options and for this reason don’t appear this questions in the report.

But the first seven options should appear in the report (I’m not sure with the Multi-select questions type Yes/No).

“filtered combobox questions” is a rather unfortunate name for the combobox questions which is used in the exchange within the developers team, indicates that there is a search-as-you-type in them. It has no relation to the ‘Filter’ property and is solely determined by ‘combo box’ method of entry (regardless of the number of actual categories).

You can have a Yes/No question with 2 categories and it will appear in the report ‘Survey Statistics’, as soon as you change it to ‘Combo box’ (and reimport the questionnaire) it will no longer appear in the selection list.

Making the program more smart and having it decide depending on the number of categories rather than type of the question is one way of improvement, but at the moment it doesn’t do that, and looks at the question type only.

What about numeric?? Is F5_CuantoRecibioDeAyuda also not appearing in the report? Does it have any answers in the actual interview?

Oh sorry I don’t know that name, for me always was a categorical single-select question of type “combo box”.
Like this for example:

I have this and this question don’t appear me in the report.

Sorry Mr. Sergiy, you have the reason, I checked export files and F5_CuantoRecibioDeAyuda haven’t any answer.